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Machinery Rebuild

Take advantage of our specialized service for heavy machinery and mechanical equipment, including full modifications, rebuilding, welding and re-designs.

Maintenance Service

We make sure our team meets your business needs, Increasing line capacity or eliminating unexpected downtime.

Automation Services

Providing custom automation services and robotic machines that streamline your production and increase your bottom line is where we benefit you.

Engineering Design

Our designers work closely to coordinate multidisciplinary design efforts, using the latest software suites to conceptually model systems integrations and develop final construction drawing deliverables.

Industry 4.0

If you’re looking to quickly bring Industry 4.0 capabilities into production and experience the advantages of a digitally connected factory, contact us now.

Training Courses

We are especially proud to offer training courses that are designed for students to open new opportunities in their career.

Check out a few of our projects and see what CMR can do for you.


Automated Robotic Cell

Our engineering team will work closely with you to determine the best integration of robotics into your particular production processes. All aspects of production logistics are considered, including size and layout of workspace.

Electrostatic System for Dust Removal

Air ionizer by electrostatic discharged before painting process prevents adhesion of particles, which minimize the non-conformity rate.

Mechanical Compression Systems

The compression system was designed for water removal process through the separation of liquids and solids by an automated screw press system.

Control & Electrical Cabinet Build

CMR offers extensive experience in the design, build, upgrade, and integration of electrical control cabinets.

Our team uses the customer standards and specifications to develop fully integrated solutions.  We capture every detail of your control cabinet configuration and hardware.

Our Company VALUES


Openness with our team & clients. We raise issues & provide solutions promptly. Our core values hold that relationship between the employee, the employer, and the customer matter. We recognize our responsibility for safety and quality as professionals.


Our word and hard work over everything else. Our Clients and vision are our guiding beacons. At CMR we not only do our job well, but also provide our customers with added value, supporting them in all possible ways in the projects and services where we are involved, building a bond of trust that will last through time

self improvement

 As a Company, we are constantly aiming to provide and apply the latest technology in our projects and services. Continuous development provides improvements that lead to efficiency.

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machinery rebuild

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Maintenance Service

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Automation Services

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Engineering Design

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insustry 4.0

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Training courses